We're unlocking the full value of the world's data

Hylomorphic is a team of dedicated data scientists constantly upgrading their skillset to deliver more business value. We believe everyone should have the ability to make the best predictions possible with the data they have. The knowledge we have should be accessible to everyone we work with, and we will always take the time to explain things clearly, meeting clients wherever they are.

We will never compromise on the quality of our technology, and ensure our people are up-to-date on the latest machine learning methods. We host weekly paper readings and discussions to foster an environment of learning. We then transfer what we've learned into our work whenever possible, to deliver a better service to our customers.

We are information providers above all else, whether teaching or unlocking information from data clients already have. We use a hands-on approach during pipeline setup, helping customers fully understand what can be done. We strongly believe this helps both sides—customers by increasing their understanding of their new abilities, and ourselves by increasing our reputation.

Our goal is to see no data go unused

We're always looking for ways, technological and otherwise, to improve the efficiency with which they can deliver results, and the accuracy of the resulting predictions.

Our clients are selected for their understanding of the value of the information they have. We help them unlock the door, and what they do with the information is then entirely their choice to make. We will actively teach our clients better practices for maintaining their prediction pipelines, so they continue to get value from interacting with us, far into the future.